About My Research Results

Genetic information can be meaningful for both medical research and a person’s health care. The My Research Results program provides information and support to people who take part in medical research studies, particularly where information  arises from the research that might be important for their health or the health of their relatives.

Some medical research involves looking at the genes of people who take part in the study. This can help researchers to make new discoveries about how our bodies work, and how our genes influence health and disease.

When you take part in research, you receive information about the study including why it is being done and what it aims to achieve. The researchers tell you about the information or samples that are used in the study, what they are using it for, where it is stored, and for how long.

If you agree to participate in the research then you are sometimes given the option to be notified about information that unexpectedly arises from the research that might be important for your health or the health of your relatives.

How we help

Researchers sometimes identify information in a person’s DNA that could be useful for their health or for the health of someone in their family. This information needs to be returned to you in a way that:

  • supports you;
  • provides you with accurate information;
  • protects your privacy and choices; and
  • links you with the right health care team.

Genetic counsellors do exactly these things. They are trained to explain genetic information in plain language so you can understand the genetic information and assist you to make decisions about what to do. They will discuss what the genetic information means for you and your family. This is called genetic counselling.

My Research Results offers telephone-based genetic counselling from the Garvan Institute of Medical Research. Our genetic counsellors partner with studies across Australia to return genetic information to people who take part in medical research.

My Research Results connects research participants with the right health care team to turn genetic information into action.