Health professionals you may meet

Who can I be referred to?

We can refer you to an appropriate medical specialist or specialist centre. The type of specialist depends on the genetic change that was found. This might be a hospital geneticist, a familial cancer centre, a lipid clinic, or another medical specialist.

We can work with you and your GP to arrange appointments for you.

Health professionals you might meet

Genetic counsellor

Genetic counsellors are health professionals qualified in both counselling and genetics.

Genetic counsellors can help you to understand a genetic condition and what causes it. They can also help you to decide if genetic testing is right for you, support you through a diagnosis and help you talk to family members about it. Genetic counsellors can also provide emotional and other support.


A geneticist is a doctor who specialises in genetic disorders or conditions. They use genetic information and DNA tests to diagnose, treat, manage or prevent inherited genetic disorders and diseases and conditions influenced by genetic factors.

Other medical specialties

A cardiologist is a medical specialist who can diagnose and treat diseases and conditions of the heart and blood vessels.
An oncologist is a medical specialist who can investigate, diagnose and treat people with cancer or suspected cancer. Oncologists can also help you to manage cancer risks.


A general practitioner (GP) is a doctor who is qualified in general medical practice. They have broad knowledge and skills and can treat common medical conditions you may have throughout your life. They perform routine tests and can refer you to other medical professionals if you need specialist treatment.

Allied Health Professionals

Allied health practitioners are trained professionals who are not doctors, dentists or nurses. For example, a psychologist, dietitian, physiotherapist, pharmacist or an optometrist.
Allied Health professionals help you manage your physical or mental health, through services that include diagnosis, treatment or rehabilitation.