Timelines and costs


There are no wait times to speak to the My Research Results genetic counsellors. You can contact us directly, or make an appointment for us to call you.

After to speaking to a genetic counsellor at My Research Results, you may choose to visit a specialist clinic to have your results confirmed and make a plan to manage your health. My Research Results will help you to find your local specialist clinic. Some clinics may have a wait time for appointments.


There is no cost to research participants to call the My Research Results hotline. When you speak to the genetic counsellors, they will be able to refer you to services that are covered by Medicare. Any tests you need to confirm your results can also be covered by Medicare. 

If you do not have a Medicare card, please speak to the genetic counsellor about your options.

You may also choose to access private medical specialists to support your care or action plan, but this will always be up to you.