Emotions and support

Everyone reacts differently to genetic information, especially if it’s unexpected.

You may feel worried or upset about an increased risk of a health condition for you or your family. You may also feel empowered or relieved to be able to take some control of your health and share the information.

You can see some reactions below from other people who were told about a genetic change from a research study. These people all reacted differently to the information.

“Thank god someone’s found something out.”
“I mean, sometimes it’s scary but it’s nice to have the information.”
“I don’t know how to respond to it.”
“I found it a bit confronting.”
“I don’t think I was really ready.”

You may be able to relate to these statements, or you may feel completely different. Whatever you’re feeling it may help to know that others have felt this way.

Negative feelings, like worry or distress, do eventually return to normal once you get used to the information. The My Research Results genetic counsellors counsellors are here to support you.